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ECAS is a Product certification Scheme being implemented by ESMA as mandatory program for all regulated products. ECAS certificate is valid for one year and subject to annual renewal.
 EQM is a mark of conformity granted to the products that comply with the relevant UAE National Standards, Regional and/or International Standards and are manufactured by an organization implementing an effective Quality Management System to ensure continuous compliance. ​EQM certificate is voluntary certificate (Except bottled drinking water) and is valid for 3 years.
SGS has been notified for 17 regulations

• LVE Products (Low Voltage Equipments)
• Energy Efficiency Standards and Labeling (EESL)
• Trailer and Semi/Trailer                                                                                           
• Water Fixture                                                                                                         
• Tobacco Products & Tobacco Moassel                                                         
• Retreaded Tires                                                                                                 
• Petroleum Products                                                                                                 
• Organic Food                                                                                                                  
• Oxo- biodegradable Plastic Products                                                                  
• Bottled Drinking Water  
• Perfumes                                                                                                                        
• Detergents                                                                                                            
• Cosmetics and Personal Care Products                                                                
• Food Contact Material                                                                                           
• Paints and Varnishes                                                                                             
• Energy Drink                                                                                                         
• Children Toys