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Verify the quality of textile products used in upholstery on furniture and mattresses with testing from SGS.

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Textiles used in furniture, such as sofa upholstery, needs to be long-lasting, fit for purpose and able to maintain its appearance. Our comprehensive furniture textile testing services help you determine quality and longevity.

Why Choose Furniture Textile Testing from SGS?

Whatever the use of the textile, whatever the kind of textile (knitted, woven, coated, leather…) we offer a range of textile services, including:

  • Color fastness against rubbing, washing, water, perspiration or light exposure
  • Tensile strength
  • Abrasion
  • Bursting strength
  • Pilling
  • Soiling resistance
  • Tear strength
  • Seam strength
  • Fabric composition
  • Leather identification
  • Resistance to cleaning chemicals

Furniture Textile Standards

Here are some examples of the main standards that apply to textiles used in/on furniture.

Physical tests ISO 13934-1, ISO 13937-1, ISO 13938-2, ISO 12945-1, ISO 12945-2, ISO 12947-1/2/3/4, ISO 13935-2 / ISO 13936-2, ISO 6330 / ISO 5077
Color fastness tests ISO 105-B02, ISO 105-C06:2010, ISO 105 x 12:2001, ISO 105-D01:2010, ISO 105 E04:2013, ISO 105 X12:2001, ISO 105-E01, ISO 105-E03:2010
Functional tests ISO 4920:2012
AATCC 35:2013, AATCC 79
General requirements EN 14465, EN 15973, EN 15618

Accurate Textile Testing for the Furniture Industry

As a world-leading provider of inspection, testing, verification and certification services for the furniture industry, we offer you unrivaled expertise in textile testing for your products. With a worldwide presence and a global network of laboratories and experts, we can provide you with furniture textile testing, wherever and whenever you need it. 

To discuss your textile testing requirements, contact us today.