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Gain the competitive edge for furniture products and mattresses, and evaluate performance against your competitors with performance assessments from SGS.

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Looking beyond simple compliance with the legal minimum our performance assessments help you to increase customer confidence and satisfaction, as well as to gain a competitive edge. Comparing your products against other in your own range, or against those of your competitors, we help you to set a benchmark, and then exceed it.

Quality, comfort, functionality, durability and ease of handling – all factors that have a direct impact on how customers perceive your products and your brand. Our furniture assessments can help you determine these performance factors, and define performance criteria either on a single product (fit for use, FFU) or an entire range (benchmark). Beyond performance, we can also carry out label reviews and product claim verifications.

Why Choose Furniture Performance Assessments from SGS?

We can help you:

  • Confirm the best features of a product line – from seating area comfort and durability to ergonomics and weathering resistance
  • Evaluate performance against your competitors
  • Verify product claims
  • Refine your product design to provide the best features for your target audience
  • Develop precise specifications for production based on accurate data
  • Define the relevant criteria for the best comparison
  • Devise product testing according to defined criteria 
  • Analyze results to determine improvements
  • Understand where to position your product within your own range or in the market

Trusted Performance Assessments from a Leading Provider of Services to the Furniture Industry

As a world-leading provider of inspection, testing, verification and certification services, and recognized provider of comparison tests and benchmarking for consumer organizations, we offer you unrivaled expertise in furniture performance assessments. We can help you assess performance during every phase of production and beyond – from optimizing requirements before development to understanding sales and after care.

To discuss your furniture performance assessment requirements, contact us today.