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Mechanical testing for furniture from SGS – test your furniture against relevant standards and ensure the safety and durability of your furniture.

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If you are developing or sourcing a new product, testing it prior to launch may save you the cost and trouble of fixing or recalling defective items. Our comprehensive mechanical testing for furniture and mattresses helps you to confirm compliance with standards and/or your own specifications. We can also tailor a new testing program to meet the needs of your business.

Our testing services cover:

  • Workmanship
  • Safety
  • Durability
  • Stability
  • Strength
  • Drops
  • Impacts
  • Locking devices

Testing for a Wide Range of Standards

We test your product according to the relevant standard for your market, such as BIFMA, ASTM, EN, ISO, BS, DIN, NF, GB, JIS, etc.

We provide comprehensive testing for all categories of furniture and all relevant standards, including:

Domestic furniture EN 1022, EN 12528, EN 1129, EN 12520, EN 1728, EN 12521, EN 1730, EN 1725, EN 747, ASTM F2057, ASTM F1912, ASTM F1561, ISO and JIS, etc.
Storage and kitchen furniture
EN 14749, EN 16122, and BS 4875 Part 7 & 8
Children’s furniture
NF D 60 300 - series, FIRA protocols, ASTM F1821 and ASTM F 2613, etc.
Upholstered furniture EN 597, EN 1021, BS 5852, BS 7176, BS 7177, CFR, UL, ASTM, CA Technical Bulletin 116, 117-2013, 133, 603, etc.
Outdoor furniture (including camping furniture) EN 581 and ASTM F1838
Office furniture EN 1023, EN 1335, EN 14073 Part 2&3, EN 14074, EN 527, EN 16139, BIFMA X5.1, X5.3, X5.5, X5.6, X5.9, X5.11, X6.1, X6.5 and M7.1

Why Choose Mechanical Testing for Furniture from SGS?

As a world-leading provider of inspection, testing, verification and certification services for the furniture industry, we offer you unrivaled expertise in mechanical testing for your furniture. With a worldwide presence and a global network of laboratories and experts, we can provide you with mechanical testing for furniture, wherever and whenever you need it.

All our testing laboratories are ISO 17025 accredited by well-known authorities such as HOKLAS, COFRAC, UKAS, VNAS, and CNAS, amongst others. All our mechanical testing laboratories are part of SGS global technical committee to assure alignment between all our laboratories.

To discuss the mechanical testing requirements for your furniture products, contact us today.