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Today’s trade is always dynamic. SGS provides the support to make your trade activities a success.

Soya Grains

With our global presence and network of laboratories and certification facilities, we can offer you a full range of cargo inspection services to help ensure the cleanliness and safety of your cargo at every stage of the supply chain.

From pre-shipment to export, we inspect storage tanks and warehouses and monitor your goods throughout the transportation process. We perform cleanliness inspections to make sure that storage units are free from odor, moisture, foreign matters, previous cargo residues or pest infestation. Our independent surveys and reports provide documentation for any risk assessments, damage investigations, verification for due diligence as well as evidence of regulatory compliance at local and international levels.

With many years of experience in providing certification and verification, we can also help customers worldwide with a wide range of metering, instrumentation calibration and testing services to avoid storage loss and instill stakeholder confidence in the integrity of your goods.

Our e-certification service and web-based data tracking systems help to speed up the documentation and monitoring processes, helping to fast-track your goods to the next stage in your trading activities.

By supporting your compliance with industry regulations and safeguarding your goods throughout the supply chain, we are helping you ensure your goods reach your customers quickly and in peak condition. Contact us now to find out how our range of cargo inspection services can support the smooth running of your operations.